It has been one month since she was crowned the 2016 NYX FACE Awards Beauty Vlogger of the Year. We caught up with winner, Laura Sanchez to talk about the competition and life after FACE Awards.

What motivated you to join the 2016 FACE Awards Challenge?

I have always followed the NYX Face Awards as a fan of the brand and as a fan of their social media. This year, I was especially encouraged by my followers to enter the competition! I thought it was a great opportunity to meet other artists and present my work to an English speaking audience.


How have your Instagram & YouTube followers responded to you winning the 2016 FACE Awards Beauty Vlogger of the Year?

They are just as excited as I am! They have supported me through all of the stages of this competition. They have told me how happy and proud they are of me. I feel like we all won!

Laura Sanchez

Who were you most excited to meet at the FACE Awards?

I had already met Kandee Johnson, but she always has such an amazing energy and light! It is always a special moment seeing her. I was also excited to meet Ve Neil. She is an inspiration to me! Her talent is undeniable and I see her as a hard working woman, known for her artistry and passion for make-up. It was a dream meeting her!

Laura Sanchez

How did you feel before the show?

We were all nervous and anxious before the show, but the point of the award show is to feel special and show your best final video. I just wanted to have fun with my family and friends, especially after the show, and that was exactly what happened.

Our #FACEAwards Top 6 have arrived!!!

What advice would you give to other beauty YouTubers who are thinking about participating in next year’s 2017 FACE Awards?

Do it! It is a great experience and you will learn a lot about yourself and other contestants! Just have fun and do what you love the most, creating amazing videos and putting makeup on!

How have your Latin American fans responded to you winning the 2016 FACE Awards?

I love how much support I got from my Latin fans! I saw them using the hashtag #TeamLaura everywhere! That was very encouraging! They felt like I was representing our community, and they can’t wait to have NYX Cosmetics all over Latin America!

What was the inspiration behind your final FACE Awards “Emotions” video?

The first reason is because I’ve always wanted to create an alien look. I love reading and watching documentaries about different forms of life, and I truly believe that more life exists than just us humans. I remember reading about different alien species and how they feel emotions, and I thought it was a great way to create something fun, different and entertaining for the last challenge.

Laura Sanchez

How long did it take you to create all three final looks?

I had some prep time for the reptilian alien. I had to create the molds, sculpt and layer the latex, which took me 3 days. The application and painting process was an additional 4 hours. The tall white alien took me 2 hours to create, and the grey alien took me 3 hours.

Laura Sanchez Final

What are your Top 5 favorite NYX products?

The Vivid Brights Liners are everything! I love the variety of colors and how long they last. Another favorite of mine has to be the Hydra Touch Powder Foundation, I love using a light color to set my under eye makeup and brighten up my cheek bones. Another product that I can’t stop using is the SFX Crème Colour. It is very pigmented and easy to blend. It’s perfect for body and face painting. The Mineral Stick Foundation is another product that is part of my full foundation routine. It has the perfect amount of coverage, it’s easy to blend, and the finish is beautiful. My last favorite product is the Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks. It has a perfect formula, with great pigmentation that lasts forever!

Laura Sanchez Final Look

After winning the FACE Awards Beauty Vlogger of the Year, what are your plans for the future?

NYX has already made me feel like a part of the family, and I want to keep growing as an artist with them. My plans for now are to keep creating content for my old and new subscribers, build my English audience and think about creating a brand or company with the things I love—beauty and make-up.

Laura Sanchez