One day as we were scrolling through our Twitter notifications, we came across a remarkable series of posts! Our gorgeous makeup fans were using our Matte Liquid Liners, White Liquid Liners, and Vivid Brights Liners (pretty much all of our liners!) to create intricate designs, and sometimes recreate works of art! With their eyelids as the canvas, these talented individuals pumped up the drama and left us wanting more!

Scroll through the photos below to find some of our favorite looks!

1. @rachelcmakeup


@rachelcmakeup used our Ultimate Shadow Palette in ‘Brights’ + our White Liquid Liner to achieve this X-Men Storm inspired artistry.

2. @cakefacedali


@cakefaceali recreates Colorful Tulips Field Sunrise by Ana Maria Edulescu on her eyelids. She used our Vivid Brights Liners in ‘Vivid Blossom,’ ‘Vivid Halo,’ ‘Vivid Envy,’ ‘Vivid Fire,’ and ‘Vivid Sapphire’ to create the tulips.

3. @angela_cuneo


Angela seeks her inspo from the beloved Disney and Pixar film, Toy Story.

4. @hayleynoellexo


@hayleynoellexo sets her sights on some of her favorite musical albums for inspiration. Here she recreates Death Cab for Cutie’s album cover for Narrow Stairs with our Vivid Brights Liners.

5. @makeupby_india


@makeupby_india uses our Matte Liquid Liner and White Liquid Liner to create this drippy eyeliner wing.

6. @nasiabelli


@nasiabelli always creates amazing liner looks, but the Alice in Wonderland makeup created using our Vivid Brights Liners has got to be one of our favorites!

7. @thatglowpaula


We love how @thatglowpaula got creative and was inspired to recreate this colorful look!

8. @isabelletmakeup


@isabelletmakeup uses our Vivid Brights Liners in ‘Vivid Sapphire,’ ‘Vivid Blossom,’ ‘Vivid Halo,’ and ‘Vivid Escape’ to recreate Claude Monet’s classic Water Lilies painting.

9. @twigmakeup


Who says that liners are just meant for your eyes? 😉 @twigmakeup creates a colorful brow using ALL of our Vivid Brights Liners.

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